In the legal community, eviction proceedings are referred to as Unlawful Detainer actions. The Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group have handled thousands of Unlawful Detainer actions from notices to terminate through appeal. Experience in this area of law is crucial as the landscape of landlord/tenant law in California is always evolving. The myriad rent control provisions now in place in Southern California affect nearly every aspect of the residential landlord/tenant relationship, and strictly govern the numerous notices that form the basis of an eventual Unlawful Detainer lawsuit. Our Attorneys are experienced litigators in this area of law and are familiar with the local Judges and Commissioners rendering judgement at trial. Our team provides quality legal representation to our clients at an affordable price.

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We are pleased to offer representation to parties in residential and commercial Evictions, also called Unlawful Detainers.

Whether you are a tenant who has been served with a Notice or an Unlawful Detainer or a landlord who needs to Evict a tenant, Eviction Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group can help you resolve the dispute efficiently and effectively.

Being results-oriented, our clients and their needs are always the primary focus for our lawyers. Working with the client, our talented Attorneys develop an ethical, efficient, and cost-effective plan of action to best meet their needs and to deliver results as quickly as possible. At the Ensberg Law Group, our tenacious lawyers go to work and persevere until those needs are met. Every client, every time.

Lawyers at Ensberg Law Group make every effort to meet with the clients at the client’s convenience. Our attorneys stand ready to carry out client directions promptly and keep clients regularly informed of our progress. With extensive experience in this area of law, Ensberg Law Group can readily determine how best to execute client objectives. It is this single-minded focus on the best interests of our clients and their objectives that drives us to obtain the successful results in all legal matters that we undertake.

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