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Stephen E. Ensberg Real Estate Litigation Blog

September 15, 2019

General Real Estate Litigation Information

Real Estate Litigation can be both time consuming and costly. However there are times when it becomes necessary for a court to resolve a real estate dispute. Real Estate Litigation covers a broad range of matters, and requires the assistance of a highly skilled, knowledgeable and effective lawyer. If you are presently having problems regarding your property and need skilled counsel, contact  the Ensberg Law Firm at (626) 813-3744 for an in-depth consultation with one of L.A. County’s leading Real Estate Litigation Attorneys.

October 1, 2019

Settling Cases through Negotiations

Often it is beneficial to all parties to a real estate dispute to attempt to settle their matter via the settlement negotiation process. In order to find common ground and reach a settlement that is agreeable to all involved, it is essential that everyone enter into negotiations in good faith. This requires the parties to set aside any hostility that has festered and work together to save both time and money on litigation.

October 15, 2019

When You Should Retain a Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Too often people wait too long to obtain legal counsel and retain the skills of a seasoned real estate litigator. As soon as you realize that there are circumstances pertaining to a real estate transaction or property that you either own or are planning on purchasing, it is extremely important that you contact a real estate lawyer. By retaining an attorney early, you may save yourself a lot of time, trouble and grief that will result from trying to resolve the problem on your own. A knowledgeable lawyer will know which steps to take in an effort to reduce increasing hostility, and can work vigorously to prevent the situation from escalating further. However, there are some situations where litigation is inevitable. Having an experienced lawyer on your side prior to litigation is greatly beneficial, as they will already be familiar with the background of your case and possess the information necessary to take immediate action.

November 1, 2019

Types of Real Estate Litigation Matters our Lawyers Handle

Whether you are involved in a disagreement regarding a real estate contract; the government has exercised eminent domain over your property; you are involved in a dispute with a neighbor over boundary lines or an easement, or are facing losing the ability to use your property due to zoning or land use regulations, a seasoned real estate litigator can help. Relatively small disputes can quickly escalate without professional intervention. At the Ensberg Law Firm, we represent clients in all of the above matters, as well as many not listed. Please call us at (626) 813-3744 to make an appointment for a comprehensive, personal consultation with one of our caring, skilled real estate attorneys.

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