Real Estate Purchase/Sale/Lease

Buying and selling real estate is a bit different than making other types of purchases and sales. These transactions are governed by certain real estate laws that must be adhered to by both the buyer and the seller. That’s why the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer is required for the purchase or sale of a home or other type of real estate. These professionals can help you ensure your transaction abides by the specific real estate laws in California.

Making/Accepting a Real Estate Offer

One aspect of a real estate transaction that sets it apart from other types of transactions in the marketplace is the necessity of a formal offer. In order to purchase real estate, potential buyers must first make an offer in writing. The seller can then accept, deny, or make a counteroffer to this original offer.

In the offer, buyers may include certain contingencies such as the results of a home inspection or the ability to finance a loan, for instance. All offers, counteroffers, and contingencies should be carefully reviewed by a professional real estate attorney.

Leases in California

The state of California also has laws that govern leases between landlords and tenants. These regulations include anti-discrimination laws as well as requirements for an official lease agreement. Agreements for leases and rent must include certain information, including the amount of the rent and security deposit, rent deadlines, as well as the address of the property, for instance. The laws in California are always changing, so it’s best to speak with a professional real estate lawyer for the latest information.

Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

Hiring a real estate attorney is the best course of action prior to engaging in any real estate transactions or agreements, including mortgages and lease agreements. Not just any lawyer will do, though. You’ll want one with several years of experience practicing real estate law.

Finding a real estate lawyer with the necessary experience can be a challenge. The real estate attorneys and legal staff at Ensberg Law Group have worked in this field of law for decades. We’ve assisted hundreds of clients in West Covina and throughout Southern California with their real estate purchases, sales, and lease agreements. It would be our honor to assist you as well. Just contact us today to discuss the specifics of your real estate transaction and to set up a private consultation.

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