Quiet Title

Whenever there is a question as to who owns a piece of real property, a quiet title action may be required.

What Is Quiet Title?

The term “quiet title” refers to a legal process designed to identify the actual owner or owners of a property. This action is usually initiated when there is a disagreement as to who owns a parcel of property. Situations in which quiet title may be applicable include property boundary disputes or property easements, for example.

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer for Quiet Title Actions

Issues of property ownership can be delicate. An experienced real estate lawyer or quiet title attorney can advise you on how to best proceed with a quiet title action. These legal professionals can help you determine whether or not such an action is warranted and what the next steps in the process should be. Since the statutory requirements for quiet title actions in California are so specific, it’s not advisable to seek quiet title without proper legal representation.

The Quiet Title Process

To begin the process of quiet title, you’ll need to file a Complaint in the Superior Court. Your attorney can do this on your behalf. Your petition should be filed in the county in which the property in question is located and should include the property’s full and official address. It should also include any and all defendants in the case with a claim to the property. If the case goes to trial, a judge will review all of the facts of the case and make a judgement regarding ownership of the property. This decision will be legal and binding thereafter.

How to Choose a Quiet Title Attorney

To reach a satisfactory conclusion regarding a property’s ownership, you’ll need to have a good real estate attorney to defend your best interests. It’s wise to choose one with several years of experience practicing real estate law, preferably one with direct experience as a quiet title attorney. The experienced real estate lawyers and professional legal staff at Ensberg Law Group have decades of combined experience practicing in this particular subfield of law. We’ve helped numerous West Covina clients bring quiet title actions, and we can help you as well. Just call us today to set up an appointment for a private consultation, during which we will discuss the specifics of your quiet title claim.

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