Insurance Disputes

You pay a handsome premium for your home and property insurance, so when disaster strikes, you expect your claim to be honored in full by your insurance company. Unfortunately, not all valid claims are approved. This is where insurance disputes come into play.

What Is An Insurance Dispute?

Technically, an insurance dispute is any dispute that arises between an insurance company and a policy holder. Common insurance disputes involve dishonored claims, claim payouts, and the terms of the insurance policy regarding covered property and incidents.

Do I Need an Insurance Attorney to Resolve an Insurance Dispute?

Insurance claims and disputes can be tricky to navigate. When you’re involved in an insurance dispute, you can greatly increase your chances of a satisfactory resolution by hiring an experienced insurance attorney. This legal professional can help you carefully inspect your insurance policy from a legal standpoint and advise you on your options. He or she can also walk you through the process of fighting a claim denial or otherwise resolving your dispute.

How Are Insurance Disputes Resolved?

As is the case with all types of disputes (legal or otherwise), the best way to resolve an insurance dispute is by preventing it from happening in the first place. The best way to do this is to carefully review all of your insurance policy documents upon purchasing the policy and then regularly thereafter. This practice can prevent common misunderstandings that often lead to insurance disputes.

In cases where insurance disputes do arise, there are procedures for insurance disputes resolution. These procedures may include writing a letter to the claims adjuster, filing an official complaint, and enlisting third-party appraisers to inspect property damage. Formal mediation or litigation may also be required in some cases.

How to Choose the Best Insurance Disputes Lawyer

If you find yourself facing a denied claim or low settlement from your insurance company, you don’t have to face it alone. With the help of a good insurance lawyer, you can get the support you need to resolve your dispute and recover the payout required to cover your damages. When choosing an insurance disputes lawyer, look for one with plenty of experience practicing insurance law.

At Ensberg Law Group, we have numerous years of experience helping West Covina home and property owners resolve disputes that arise with their insurance companies. It would be our pleasure to help you too. Call our office today to schedule a private consultation.

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