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Quality Representation Backed by Over Thirty Years of Legal Experience

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

West Covina Real Estate Transaction and Real Estate Litigation Lawyers at Ensberg Law Group have been representing businesses and private individuals in a wide variety of legal cases for more than 30 years. Our knowledgeable Business & Real Estate Attorneys strive to deliver quality legal services at an affordable price.

Contact Ensberg Law Group at (626) 813-3744 to schedule a consultation. Our skilled attorneys deliver the quality work of a boutique law firm while providing the benefits of more varied areas of practice. We are located in West Covina and represent parties throughout the region.

We are pleased to offer representation in the following areas of Real Estate Transactional and Litigation Law:

Real Estate Purchase / Sale / Lease – We have experience and can deliver services in the preparation and drafting of purchase and sale agreements for real property, along with commercial and residential leases for real property. The West Covina Ensberg Law Group can provide a prompt review of real property purchase and sale agreement documents to ensure that the best interests of our clients are protected. The same is true for lease preparation and review in both commercial and residential lease context.

Escrow DisputesPurchase agreements and other various real property transactions involving the sale or lease of real property are customarily handled through escrow in the State of California. Normally, the escrow is a stakes holder for the different actions to be completed by the parties. For instance, someone will have to prepare documents and deeds and someone on the other side of the transaction will have to submit money and / or title insurance. This is so that when all of the actions required by both parties to be performed are completed, the escrow officer can complete the transaction. We have experience in both drafting and preparing escrow instructions.

Insurance Disputes – Many times we have situations where a real property owner or homeowner have problems with insurance companies in connection with what is and what is not covered in regards to some event or tragedy that has occurred. The Ensberg Law Group are capable of reviewing the insurance contracts and policies and determining whether coverage does or does not exist. Normally, an insurance policy has two aspects to it in connection with litigation. The first aspect is the requirement that the insurance company must provide legal defense for its insured concerning any litigation for which the insured is sued. The second aspect is the obligation to provide indemnities, which means to pay for any loss that occurs as a result of a covered event under the policy. We have the ability to review, protect, and carry out both aspects.

Lender / Mortgage Loan Disputes – We respect various mortgage lenders and real estate investment trusts in connection with commercial and residential real property mortgage loans. We are familiar with and handle litigation arising out of such relationships to accomplish the best results for our clients. Our lawyers know how to communicate with lenders, and we represent lenders to achieve a fair and just resolution of any dispute that arises in connection with a mortgage and / or lending context.

Construction Disputes – The West Covina Law Offices of Attorney Stephen E. Ensberg has handled numerous cases involving construction disputes in connection with both commercial and residential real property. We are familiar with the contractors’ licensing laws and requirements in the State of California, as well as the local land use planning requirements involving the permitting process to help small business owners and homeowners achieve their reasonable expectations in connection with construction taking place on property owned by them. We are familiar with both the regulatory and litigation process involving such construction disputes and how to process the same, most effectively for our clients.

Partition – When various people own a single piece of real property and one of them no longer wishes to be an owner, the resolution of that dispute is a court-ordered sale of the subject property called partition. We are experienced in the resolution of partition issues and disputes.

Quiet Title – This area of our practice relates to real property, both commercial and residential, and involves claims of ownership disputes to which various individuals have claims. The experienced West Covina Real Estate Lawyers at Ensberg Law Group have successfully pursued and carried out such real property actions to quiet title, such as confirming title or advancing the position of our clients in connection with their ownership claim to real property through the court process.  

Specific Performance / Lis Pendens – Specific Performance relates to a contractual remedy where a buyer wishes to complete the purchase of real property (commercial or residential), and the selling party does not wish to move forward with the transaction. Because real property is considered to be unique, the court will exercise (upon request) its equitable powers to order the sale and completion of the transaction by way of a remedy called specific performance. In connection with that, we will prepare and record a notice of pendency of action, or lis pendens, which is recorded in the office of the county recorder where the action is pending and the property is located.

Contract Disputes – Over the years, we have handled contract disputes involving every type of commercial activity and / or agreements between businesses and individuals and between individuals involving various matters. We have drafted such contracts so as to avoid contractual disputes. However, when a dispute does take place, The Law Offices of West Covina Real Estate Attorney Stephen E. Ensberg are capable of handling the issue by identifying the proper items of resolution and achieving a good result.

Fraud / Non-Disclosure – In California transactions involving real property, buyers and sellers have reasonable expectations as to the condition and nature of property to be purchased and / or sold. The seller is required to disclose all aspects of the property of which he or she is reasonably aware; failure to do so may constitute actual constructive fraud. In business transactions, fraud occurs when someone with knowledge and intent specifically misrepresents the nature or action he or she wishes to take to the detriment, damage, and harm of the other party. With fraud and non-disclosure issues involving business transactions, we are familiar with these claims and issues, and can help our clients navigate their way through the real estate process so as to avoid potential fraud and / or non-disclosure claims.

Title Disputes – Title disputes have to do with conflicting ownership claims by individuals or companies involving real property. Title disputes often involve title insurance companies. Ensberg Law Group has experience in litigating and achieving results consistent with our clients’ objectives to quiet title, meaning we confirm their title and real property, whether it is commercial or residential real property.

Homeowners Association Disputes – HOA disputes have to do with people who live in private community settings where there is a homeowners association. Normally, such disputes involve claims by the homeowner that the homeowners association is not adequately carrying out its obligation under the controlling covenants, conditions and restrictions that are recorded and bind all real property within the association. We have also represented HOAs in connection with claims against individual homeowners alleging that the property owner is not conducting themselves in the maintenance and possession of their property in a manner consistent with the contractual obligations under the controlling documents.

West Covina Real Estate Transaction & Litigation Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group make every effort to meet with the clients at the client’s convenience. Our attorneys stand ready to carry out client directions promptly, and keep clients regularly informed of our progress. With over 30 years of legal practice and experience, Ensberg Law Group can readily determine how best to execute client objectives. It is this single-minded focus on the best interests of our clients and their objectives that drives us to obtain the successful results in all legal matters that we undertake.

Being results-oriented, our clients and their needs are always the primary focus for our lawyers. Working with the client, our talented legal team of Real Estate Transaction and Litigation Attorneys develops an ethical, cost-effective plan of action to best meet their needs. At the Ensberg Law Group, our tenacious lawyers go to work and persevere until those needs are met. Every client, every time.

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