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Navigate the Probate Process with Help from Your Trusted Estate Lawyer

What is probate?

Probate is the legal process where the assets and beneficiaries of a deceased person’s estate are formally evaluated. This process involves various steps, such as confirming the legitimacy of the will, identifying and disbursing assets, resolving liabilities, and facilitating the seamless transfer of property to heirs and beneficiaries. The probate journey can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing – especially when you’re mourning the loss of a loved one at the same time.

Your probate lawyer at Ensberg Law Group comprehends the nuances of probate processes and emphasizes the importance of managing them meticulously. Allow our skilled probate law team to steer you through each step with confidence. We focus on what’s best for you and work toward simplifying the probate proceedings, ensuring minimal stress and offering the essential legal assistance you require at this challenging time in your life.

Which assets need to go through probate in California?

Clarifying which assets are subject to probate in California is essential for effectively handling the probate process. Assets like real estate and individual financial accounts registered solely under the deceased’s name usually proceed through probate. Nonetheless, there are strategies and legal avenues available to reduce probate complexities and facilitate a more streamlined transfer of assets to beneficiaries. With your skilled probate attorney in Pico Rivera, you gain access to specialized knowledge in probate law to ensure a smooth journey through the process. Count on us to provide guidance for informed decisions and streamline estate administration.

The following assets will be subject to probate:

Checking Accounts






Vacation Homes


Household Goods


Savings Accounts


Business Interests

What causes a person’s estate to enter probate in California?

When assets of a deceased California resident exceed $166,250 in value, probate becomes necessary. Assets encompass various holdings such as bank accounts, bonds, and stocks. Due to its time-consuming and possibly expensive nature, it’s recommended to avoid probate whenever possible. Your dependable estate lawyer in Pico Rivera is ready to offer legal guidance. Our focus is on aiding you in navigating the process seamlessly and minimizing your stress in any way we can.

What are the typical expenses associated with filing for probate in California?

California’s probate processes typically involve an average cost of about $435 in court filing fees. However, this amount may vary, taking into account estate complexity, asset valuation, and potential legal hurdles encountered in probate. With your probate attorney’s expertise, you’ll efficiently navigate probate by minimizing any avoidable costs or delays.

How can I prevent my loved ones from dealing with probate when the time comes?

As you look to the future, it’s essential to consider strategies that can make life a little easier for your family members. Forming a living trust is a wise choice because it enables assets to skip probate and pass directly to beneficiaries upon your passing. Joint ownership brings forth another approach, allowing assets to be shared with someone else for a seamless transfer to them after your passing. Transfer-on-Death (TOD) registrations and Payable-on-Death (POD) designations are alike in that they designate specific beneficiaries for assets like bank accounts or securities, enabling the designated beneficiaries to bypass probate. Each of these options is a unique way to streamline the transfer of assets while minimizing the complexities and expenses often associated with probate. By consulting with an experienced estate attorney, you can assess these options comprehensively to ensure your estate plan is in accordance with your desires and minimizes potential challenges for your loved ones.

How long does the probate process take?

The duration of probate proceedings can vary significantly depending on factors such as estate complexity, state regulations, conflicts among beneficiaries, court efficiency, and other variables. Simple cases usually conclude within a span of six months to a year, but intricate matters may extend over several years. Matters become more intricate and prolonged when probate litigation is involved, such as contests over the will’s validity, beneficiary disputes, or estate claims. Thanks to the skills of your experienced Pico Rivera probate attorney, you can effectively manage complex legal criteria, streamline paperwork, and promptly resolve disputes, potentially expediting the probate process. We can also share valuable counsel on estate planning strategies, provide a more precise timeline forecast, and mitigate probate delays and expenditures.

What is a living trust?

A living trust serves as a robust foundation for a comprehensive estate plan. This approach offers an excellent way to guarantee flexibility and authority over your assets during and after your lifetime. Revocable trusts, also known as living trusts, offer the advantage of being easily modified or canceled, allowing you to adapt to changing circumstances. This trust model enables you to uphold privacy, steer clear of probate, protect against incapacity, and maintain asset control.

On a different note, irrevocable living trusts offer clear benefits such as creditor protection, tax reduction, and probate avoidance. However, they carry the downside of limited flexibility and loss of control. Your trusted Pico Rivera estate attorney is adept at guiding clients through the complexities of revocable and irrevocable trusts. Our objective is to guide you in comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of each option so you can make a thoughtful decision that is aligned with your unique needs and goals.

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