Lender and Mortgage Loan Disputes

Lender and Mortgage Loan Disputes

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Though it’s an exciting time, it also represents a serious financial and legal obligation that requires the assistance of a professional mortgage lawyer. Though most mortgages go off without a hitch, sometimes disputes arise.

What Is a Mortgage Dispute?

Put simply, a mortgage dispute is any disagreement that arises between a mortgage lender and borrower. When lenders and borrowers enter into a purchase agreement for a home or other type of real estate, this agreement is referred to as a mortgage. Official legal paperwork is drawn up to reflect the terms and conditions of the mortgage agreement, including payment information, and both parties are required to sign the document. At the time of the signing, the mortgage becomes legally binding. If either party then violates the terms of the mortgage agreement, a mortgage dispute will arise that will likely require mediation or even litigation.

Types of Mortgage Loan Disputes

Any violation of the terms of a mortgage loan can constitute a mortgage loan dispute, so there are many different kinds. Some of the most common types of mortgage disputes include mortgage fraud, breach of contract, discrimination, predatory lending, and foreclosure, for example.

How Are Mortgage Disputes Resolved?

For a mortgage dispute resolution to be reached, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced mortgage dispute attorney. This legal professional will carefully review your case, including the terms of your loan and your mortgage contract. He or she may then recommend mediation with the lender or even mortgage dispute litigation. Possible remedies include the cancellation of the mortgage contract or the drafting of a new contract, for example. The judge may also order a specific action such as the payment of a financial remedy, for instance.

How to Choose the Best Mortgage Dispute Lawyer

Choosing the right mortgage dispute attorney for your case is very important. You’ll want to look for one with several years of experience in real estate and mortgage law. The experienced legal staff at Ensberg Law Group have decades of combined experience in this specific legal field. We’ve assisted many clients in West Covina and beyond resolve their mortgage disputes successfully, and we can help you too. Call us today for mortgage dispute advice and to schedule your private consultation.

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