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Distinguished in the Monrovia area, Ensberg Law Group specializes in business and real estate law. We offer expert legal services in business formation, litigation and contracts, real estate transactions, estate planning, unlawful detainer and evictions, and more through our knowledgeable attorneys. We are committed to offering top-tier legal services efficiently and affordably, often achieving same-day resolutions.

Since 1981, we have been a prominent name in probate law, celebrated for our community involvement and superior service. Our commitment to quality shines through our exceptional staff, selected for their trustworthiness, knowledge, and reliability. Our office welcomes clients from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday, with flexible appointment times available in the early morning, evening, and weekends. Our team, licensed and insured, is always ready to help and constantly striving to serve you better. Reach out at (626) 813-3744 to arrange a consultation and experience our dedication to exceptional legal services!

An Outstanding and Personable Approach to Business Law

Business Litigation

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are legal commitments that prevent individuals from engaging in activities that could compete with their former employer for a specified period after they leave their job. Legal expertise is essential to authenticate the agreement’s enforceability and uphold the rights of both parties.

Business Fraud

The perpetration of business fraud entails engaging in deceitful or dishonest practices by companies or individuals, which is a significant issue that carries potential legal consequences. Embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, and insider trading are all examples of fraudulent business activity. Managing these cases is challenging because of their intricate nature and the potential consequences they can have on your company’s standing and financial well-being. Partner with our experienced attorneys to navigate these complexities, safeguard your interests, and ensure legal responsibility.

Contract Disputes

Managing the complexities of contract disputes, such as breaches, unclear terms, and enforcement challenges, demands the expertise and strategic approach of an experienced business attorney. At Ensberg Law Group, we provide expert guidance to clients facing contract disputes, ensuring clear resolutions and positive outcomes. Our proficient attorneys are skilled in negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Protecting our clients’ interests and achieving favorable results is our primary objective.

Breach of Contract

Accusations of contract breaches or pursuing legal claims against others require the expertise of legal professionals. The complexities of contract breach cases can have profound effects on business operations, highlighting the vital role of skilled legal representation. Trust your business dispute lawyer to provide comprehensive support, safeguard your interests, and fight for your rights to ensure a fair resolution.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Distributing, using, or reproducing another person’s intellectual property without permission constitutes intellectual property infringement, which can encompass copyrights, patents, trade secrets, or trademarks. Demonstrating infringement requires legal expertise in gathering evidence, deciphering complex legal frameworks, and guiding through court proceedings to safeguard your intellectual property rights to the fullest extent.

Purchase or Sale of a Business

Successfully overseeing business acquisitions or sales necessitates the expertise of a seasoned attorney to handle legal matters properly and thoroughly. Let us guide you to protect your interests and navigate transactions smoothly while adhering to legal requirements.

Negligence Torts

In negligence torts, harm arises from an individual’s disregard for reasonable care standards. Proving duty, breach, causation, and damages can make these cases particularly challenging. Work with your trusted business attorney in Monrovia to access essential legal guidance and representation in your pursuit of justice.

Employment Discrimination

An employment discrimination case involves assertions of discriminatory actions by an employer toward an employee due to factors such as gender, race, or age, dealing with issues like unfair pay, wrongful termination, or harassment. These scenarios are intricate, whether you’re an employee experiencing unjust treatment or a business accused of engaging in it. Collaborate with our knowledgeable attorneys for essential guidance, targeted problem-solving, and a commitment to fair resolutions across the board.

Business Arbitration

What is business arbitration?

Arbitration serves as an out-of-court method for resolving disagreements between employees and employers. It’s a fair platform where an arbitrator or panel issues a binding decision after evaluating both sides, resulting in a quicker and often more affordable resolution than traditional legal routes.

How are arbitration awards enforced?

An arbitration award becomes official upon filing a petition. Ensberg Law Group aids in this process by ensuring the proper submission of essential documents, like the award and arbitration agreement, to the court for acknowledgment or approval.

Business Partner Disputes

Conflicts of Interest

Situations of conflict of interest arise when individual ambitions don’t align with the organization’s objectives, causing a breach of trust. Legally speaking, these issues are addressed via the processes of disclosure and recusal. Our legal professionals maintain fairness by upholding integrity and safeguarding business continuity throughout the resolution process.

Succession Issues Related to Departure

Succession concerns typically encompass planning for the transfer or management of an individual’s ownership in their company upon their exit. Complications may develop due to conflicting opinions regarding valuation, ownership rights, and managerial obligations, highlighting the significance of engaging an adept business attorney in Monrovia for resolving matters.

Misappropriation of Funds or Business Assets

Misappropriating company funds or assets occurs when a partner redirects business resources for personal benefit. Participating in this prohibited conduct could lead to legal consequences such as court cases, asset recovery procedures, and potential criminal indictments, demanding meticulous legal examination and representation.

Co-Owner Disputes

Disputes among co-owners concerning property management, profit distribution, or decision-making responsibilities often involve complicated legal matters. Navigating through these complexities requires the expertise of a skilled business lawyer to uphold the interests of all co-owners, achieve equitable solutions, ensure operational seamlessness, and mitigate prolonged conflicts.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

It is considered a breach of fiduciary duty when a partner neglects their duty to the partnership’s welfare. Examples include conflicts of interest, failure to disclose vital business information, and misappropriation of funds. These cases are challenging due to the intertwining of professional and personal relationships. The involvement of legal representation is necessary to protect assets and resolve disputes justly.

Allegations of Fraud

Both parties should secure legal representation when fraud claims are brought forward. Claims could be attributed to financial inconsistencies, deceptive behaviors, breaches of fiduciary duty, or unrelated matters. Legal experts support in verifying innocence or presenting compelling evidence to substantiate claims within legal frameworks.

Disagreements Over the Future of the Business

Legal disputes within business partnerships can stem from differing ideas about the company’s future. Mediation or arbitration processes are commonly used to reach a resolution. If no agreement is reached, discussions about business buyout, dissolution, or restructuring may come next.

Divorce or Death

Legal disagreements among business partners may arise following divorce or the death of a partner, triggered by sudden alterations in ownership rights, managerial control, or financial stability. Effective legal representation is vital for handling sensitive issues related to asset allocation, succession planning, and maintaining business continuity. It’s prudent to seek legal counsel to ensure fairness and clarity in navigating complex legal issues, especially during emotionally charged situations.

Removal of a Partner

There are multiple legal considerations that must be addressed when a partner is being removed from a company. Legal guidance is vital for both parties to navigate through challenges like breach of fiduciary duty, misconduct allegations, and financial disputes. Dealing with this might necessitate mediation, arbitration, or court interventions to determine a just and legal removal according to partnership agreements and relevant laws.

Business Entity Formation

Registering Your Company Name

When registering your business name, research is crucial to ensure its availability and compliance with legal requirements. Consider trademarks, verify domain name availability, and follow local regulations. The registration procedure includes selecting a one-of-a-kind name, checking its availability, registering correctly, and consulting with Ensberg Law Group for legal compliance and protection.

Drafting Business Partner Agreements

Clear terms and protective measures are established through business partner agreements, making them indispensable. With expertise in customizing agreements, we safeguard the interests of both partners, provide a solid framework, and foster a seamless start to your business venture.

Drafting Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation are foundational documents that legally formalize a corporation’s existence. Submitted to the Secretary of State, these documents provide essential information such as the company’s name, its objectives, the composition of the board of directors, and the initial share distribution. These filings are necessary for acquiring legal recognition and defending the corporation.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Shareholder agreements establish shareholder rights and duties, while partnership agreements set forth terms for business partners. Comprehending these agreements is critical during business incorporation, and our firm is here to deliver legal advice and assistance.


Bylaws are regulatory measures defining how a corporation operates internally, covering areas like shareholder meetings, board functions, and decision-making protocols. New entrepreneurs must comprehend bylaws for regulatory conformity and operational efficiency, and engaging a business formation lawyer can aid in formulating and implementing them properly.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts define the terms of employment between employers and their workforce. A well-outlined employment contract benefits the company, its owner, and the hired staff. Crafting and vetting employment contracts falls within the legal purview of your business formation attorney, who will ensure that every detail is legally sound and protective.

Operating Agreements

LLCs should have comprehensive operating agreements in place. They outline ownership rights, managerial roles, and operational guidelines in detail. When you’re incorporating a new business, you should understand these agreements to define roles and responsibilities clearly. Ensure legal compliance and protect your interests by relying on Ensberg Law Group to craft and review these agreements.

Choosing an Entity Type

The selection of a business entity type necessitates contemplation of options such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC, each carrying distinct tax, liability, and management ramifications. Entrust your Monrovia business attorney to steer you through this pivotal decision, offering valuable insights into the advantages and drawbacks of each choice in relation to your unique requirements and company goals.

General Partnerships (GP)

Within a general partnership, multiple individuals come together in a joint business arrangement, sharing equal ownership, responsibilities, profits, and liabilities unless otherwise defined in a partnership agreement. Partners invest capital, skills, and effort.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

An LLC is a business format that secures owners with limited liability protection and implements pass-through taxation. LLCs are favored by owners for their liability protection and versatile management, but they do come with potential downsides like administrative requirements and associated costs.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

Blending partnership and corporate attributes, LLPs safeguard partners with limited liability protection. The attractiveness of LLPs to business owners is their liability protection and tax flexibility, yet they may confront obstacles like administrative requirements and potential liability for certain partners.

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