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Stephen E. Ensberg Real Estate Transaction Blog

October 15, 2019

Real Estate Leases

A comprehensive lease for residential, commercial or industrial properties also benefits all parties to the lease. A properly drafted lease should state the name of the residential tenants or if it’s being leased by a business, the full name of the business as well as the individual who possesses signatory authority. It should set forth the term (time period) of the lease to include the date of possession and the date of termination, the cost of rent, a stated grace period, mandatory late fees, and any commercial or industrial purposes for which the property will be utilized. Any additional covenants (agreements) between the parties must also be put in writing. If the leased property is being used for illicit or illegal purposes, the landlord may move for immediate eviction.

October 1, 1029

Real Estate Purchase and Sales

Real estate purchase transactions must be put in writing to be deemed valid and enforceable by the courts. All buy / sell agreements must include a comprehensive list of all known defects, as well as defects about which a responsible property owner should have been aware. Failure to make a full and complete disclosure is grounds for bringing a lawsuit once the defects are discovered by the buyer. This applies not only to residential purchases, but also to purchases of raw land and commercial or industrial properties.

If it can be successfully demonstrated that the seller’s representative made false claims or participated in helping the seller cover up any defects, their representative may also be found liable for committing fraud. At this point, unless the parties are open to negotiating a settlement for monetary damages, litigation is virtually unavoidable.

If you believe that you have been the victim of real estate fraud or need intelligent legal counsel regarding any transactional matter, contact the Ensberg Law Group by calling (626) 813-3744 to set up an appointment for a comprehensive, in-person consultation with one of Los Angeles County’s leading Real Estate Transaction Law Firms.

September 15, 2019

General Real Estate Transaction Information

Real estate transactions can range from simple, month-to-month residential leases to highly complex financial transactions pertaining to the purchase, sale or construction of multi-million dollar properties.

A well drafted contract is perhaps the most important aspect of ensuring a successful real estate transaction, and will greatly minimize the likelihood of becoming involved in litigation. Prior to entering into any transactional matter, it would be extremely beneficial to consult with a skilled real estate lawyer who can walk you through the process and explain what you should expect.

If you are looking to enter into a high dollar real estate transaction, it’s imperative that you retain the services of a knowledgeable transactional attorney who possesses the ability to help you conclude your transaction as seamlessly as possible.

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