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An Outstanding and Personable Approach to Business Law

Business Litigation

Contract Disputes

Navigating contract disputes, such as breaches, ambiguous clauses, and enforcement difficulties, requires the precise analysis and strategic insight of an experienced business attorney to resolve effectively. Ensberg Law Group specializes in guiding clients through contract disputes to ensure clear understanding and successful outcomes. Our experienced attorneys are proficient in negotiation, mediation, and litigation. We are driven to protect our clients’ interests and achieve successful resolutions.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of another entity’s intellectual property, such as copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, or copyrights, is considered intellectual property infringement. To establish infringement, it’s essential to seek legal guidance for evidence collection, legal analysis, and adept handling of court procedures, ensuring robust protection of your intellectual property rights.

Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement is a legal contract that prohibits individuals from engaging in activities that could interfere with their previous employer’s business interests for a certain time after their employment ends. It’s vital to seek legal assistance to validate the agreement’s enforceability and defend the rights of both sides.

Purchase or Sale of a Business

Successfully managing the acquisition or sale of a business demands the expertise of a capable attorney to oversee the intricate legal process. Our team provides specialized assistance to protect your interests and ensure the legality and smoothness of transactions.

Breach of Contract

When dealing with allegations of contract breaches or pursuing claims against others, seeking expert legal aid is essential. Cases of contract breaches are legally intricate and can have substantial effects on business operations, highlighting the need for proficient legal representation. Rely on our business dispute lawyer for thorough support, protection of your interests, and advocacy of your rights to achieve a fair outcome.

Business Fraud

Business fraud involves the utilization of deceitful or deceptive techniques by entities or individuals, constituting a substantial violation that may result in civil and criminal charges. Examples of business fraud include embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, and insider trading. Dealing with these cases can be daunting due to their complex intricacies and the possible repercussions they can have on your company’s image and financial health. Lean on our experienced attorneys to help you address these concerns, safeguard your interests, and maintain legal accountability.

Employment Discrimination

Within an employment discrimination case, there are accusations of biased conduct from an employer toward an employee based on characteristics like gender, age, or race, addressing matters such as unfair pay, wrongful termination, or harassment. Confronting these challenges is daunting, whether you’re an employee facing discrimination or a business accused of discriminatory behavior. Rely on our seasoned attorneys to provide essential guidance, address specific issues, and work toward equitable resolutions for everyone affected.

Negligence Torts

Negligence torts involve injuries caused by a lack of reasonable care on someone’s part. These cases require thorough proof of duty, breach, causation, and damages, making them challenging. Work with your trusted business attorney in Los Angeles to access essential legal guidance and representation in your pursuit of justice.

Business Partner Disputes

Disagreements Over the Future of the Business

Differences in perspective about the company’s future goals and direction can result in legal disputes between partners. This may involve mediation or arbitration to find a resolution. Failure to agree may result in discussions regarding business buyout, dissolution, or restructuring.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A breach of fiduciary duty arises when a partner fails to act in the partnership’s best interest. Examples include misappropriation of funds, failure to disclose vital business information, and conflicts of interest. These cases are complex because professional and personal connections may overlap significantly. Protecting assets and ensuring fair dispute resolution requires legal representation.

Allegations of Fraud

Legal representation becomes essential when fraud allegations are made by either party. Accusations might emerge from discrepancies in financial accounts, dishonest behavior, breaches of trust, or unrelated concerns. Legal representation aids in demonstrating innocence or substantiating claims with thorough evidence and legal protocols.

Conflicts of Interest

Situations of conflict of interest arise when individual ambitions don’t align with the organization’s objectives, causing a breach of trust. The legal approach to these issues involves disclosure and recusal. Integrity and business stability form the foundation of our approach to securing fair resolutions in legal matters.

Co-Owner Disputes

Legal complexities often arise in disputes between co-owners regarding property management, profit sharing, or decision-making jurisdiction. Successfully handling these intricacies necessitates the expertise of a proficient business lawyer to safeguard the interests of all co-owners, achieve equitable outcomes, maintain seamless operations, and prevent prolonged disputes.

Divorce or Death

Divorce or the passing of a business partner can give rise to disputes among partners, driven by abrupt changes in ownership status, operational control, or financial well-being. Effective legal representation is vital for handling sensitive issues related to asset allocation, succession planning, and maintaining business continuity. Legal support is invaluable in maintaining fairness and clarity during emotionally charged scenarios, making it wise to seek representation.

Removal of a Partner

The process of removing a partner from a business necessitates careful attention to various legal matters. Both parties should seek legal representation to handle issues like breach of fiduciary duty, misconduct allegations, and financial disagreements. The procedure could include mediation, arbitration, or legal actions to establish a just and lawful dismissal according to partnership contracts and applicable legislation.

Succession Issues Related to Departure

Succession concerns typically encompass planning for the transfer or management of an individual’s ownership in their company upon their exit. Disputes may emerge due to differences in assessing value, determining ownership rights, and defining managerial duties, necessitating the expertise of a skilled business attorney in Los Angeles for effective resolution.

Misappropriation of Funds or Business Assets

Misappropriation of funds or business assets refers to a partner mishandling company resources for personal profit. Engaging in this unlawful behavior can result in legal actions like legal proceedings, asset recovery endeavors, and potential criminal accusations, requiring comprehensive legal examination and representation.

Business Arbitration

What is business arbitration?

Instead of pursuing legal action, arbitration provides a different path for resolving disputes between workers and employers. It’s a neutral platform where an arbitrator or panel delivers a conclusive ruling after assessing both perspectives, offering a quicker and typically more cost-effective resolution than conventional legal channels.

How are arbitration awards enforced?

A petition is required to finalize an arbitration award. Ensberg Law Group takes care of this process by ensuring that all pertinent paperwork, such as the award and arbitration agreement, is correctly presented to the court for recognition or approval.

Business Entity Formation

Drafting Business Partner Agreements

Business partner agreements are vital in establishing precise terms and safeguards. We excel in tailoring agreements that protect the interests of both partners, guaranteeing a strong starting point and seamless beginning to your business endeavor.

Registering Your Company Name

Conducting thorough research is essential when registering your business name to confirm its availability and compliance with legal standards. Think about trademarks, assess domain name availability, and adhere to local regulations. The registration process involves selecting an original name, confirming its availability, registering with relevant authorities, and seeking legal advice from Ensberg Law Group for legal compliance and protection.

Drafting Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation are vital documents that legally and officially bring a corporation into existence. Filed with the State Secretary, these papers provide critical information like the company’s name, its goals, the makeup of the board of directors, and the initial share configuration. These documents are indispensable for acquiring legal acknowledgment and ensuring the corporation’s protection.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Shareholder agreements delineate the roles and obligations of shareholders, while partnership agreements establish conditions between business partners. Understanding these agreements is crucial for business incorporation, and our firm can provide legal guidance and support throughout this process.


Bylaws are corporate directives outlining internal workings, including elements like shareholder meetings, board functions, and decision-making processes. Getting acquainted with bylaws is vital for new business owners to ensure compliance and operational efficiency, and consulting a business formation lawyer can help in crafting and implementing them correctly.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts outline the conditions under which individuals are employed by organizations. A defined employment contract is crucial for the business, the company owner, and the hired team members. Your business formation attorney offers legal expertise in drafting and reviewing employment contracts to ensure compliance and protection for all.

Operating Agreements

LLCs greatly benefit from having comprehensive operating agreements. They explicitly define ownership structures, managerial functions, and operational processes. Knowing the details of these agreements is vital for defining roles and responsibilities accurately during the incorporation process of a new business. Entrust Ensberg Law Group with the task of drafting and evaluating these agreements, ensuring they adhere to legal standards and protect your interests.

Choosing an Entity Type

Choosing a business structure involves assessing options such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC, each bringing unique tax, liability, and management considerations. Seek guidance from your Los Angeles business attorney to expertly navigate this pivotal decision, offering valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative tailored to your specific requirements and business goals.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

LLPs fuse partnership and corporate elements, securing partners with limited liability safeguards. LLPs are chosen by business owners for their liability protection and tax flexibility, although they may encounter difficulties such as administrative demands and potential liability exposure for certain partners.

General Partnerships (GP)

General partnerships are characterized by a collective business approach, where multiple individuals jointly own, manage responsibilities, share profits, and assume liabilities, unless specified otherwise in a partnership agreement. Capital, skills, and labor are contributed by all partners.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

An LLC is a business format that secures owners with limited liability protection and implements pass-through taxation. Owners may opt for LLCs due to their liability protection and managerial flexibility, but they should be aware of potential drawbacks like administrative considerations and expenses.

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