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Ensberg Law Group is distinguished in La Habra for our specialization in business and real estate legal matters. Our skilled attorneys manage a diverse range of legal matters, including business formation, real estate transactions, litigation and contracts, unlawful detainer and evictions, estate planning, and more. We strive to provide exceptional legal assistance quickly and affordably, often concluding matters on the same day.

Founded in 1981, our firm has earned a stellar reputation in probate law with a legacy of excellence and a strong local presence. Our exceptional team reflects our commitment to excellence, chosen for their honesty, expertise, and dependability. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., with flexible appointment slots in the early mornings, evenings, and weekends for your convenience. As a licensed and insured company, we are dedicated to assisting you and finding better ways to serve. Reach out at (626) 813-3744 to arrange a consultation and experience our dedication to exceptional legal services!

An Outstanding and Personable Approach to Business Law

Business Litigation

Business Fraud

Business fraud involves dishonest or deceptive practices by entities or individuals, and it is a serious offense that can lead to civil and criminal penalties. Insider trading, Ponzi schemes, and embezzlement are just a few examples of business fraud. Managing these cases is challenging because of their intricate nature and the potential consequences they can have on your company’s standing and financial well-being. Let our proficient attorneys assist you in managing these concerns, protecting your interests, and maintaining legal accountability.

Contract Disputes

Tackling the intricacies of contract disputes, including breaches, ambiguous clauses, and enforcement problems, demands the thorough analysis and strategic planning of an adept business attorney. At Ensberg Law Group, we guide clients through contract disputes to ensure clarity and a favorable resolution. Our accomplished attorneys are skilled in negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Our aim is to defend our clients’ interests and attain a favorable resolution.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are legal terms that prohibit individuals from engaging in activities that could compete with their ex-employer (like working for a competitor or forming a new business) for a specific time frame after their employment ends. Having legal representation is critical to affirm the agreement’s legality and uphold the rights of all parties concerned.

Breach of Contract

When you’re accused of a contract breach or pursuing claims against others, relying on legal experts is crucial. Breach of contract matters introduce legal intricacies that profoundly impact business functions, highlighting the necessity for expert legal guidance. Your business dispute lawyer is dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance, defending your interests, and advocating for your rights for a fair resolution.

Intellectual Property Infringement

The unauthorized distribution, reproduction, or use of another individual’s intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trade secrets, or trademarks, constitutes intellectual property infringement. Demonstrating infringement typically necessitates legal assistance in gathering evidence, interpreting intricate laws, and maneuvering through legal proceedings to safeguard your intellectual property rights successfully.

Purchase or Sale of a Business

Skillfully navigating through business acquisitions or sales calls for the presence of a knowledgeable attorney to oversee the legal complexities. Trust our expertise to safeguard your interests and navigate transactions with legal precision and ease.

Employment Discrimination

An employment discrimination case encompasses complaints of biased behavior by an employer toward an employee due to characteristics such as race, gender, or age,, involving situations like wrongful termination, harassment, or unfair wages. These matters are difficult, whether you’re an employee dealing with unfair practices or a business under scrutiny for them. Depend on our capable legal team for essential counsel, individualized solutions, and a dedication to securing fair outcomes for all parties.

Negligence Torts

In negligence torts, harm results from someone’s failure to act with reasonable care. These cases often pose challenges because they require establishing duty, breach, causation, and damages. Collaborate with your respected business attorney in La Habra to receive crucial legal support, much-needed representation, and proper justice.

Business Arbitration

What is business arbitration?

Arbitration is an alternative to court for worker-employer disputes. It’s an unbiased setting where an arbitrator or panel issues a binding verdict after considering both sides, resulting in a speedier and often more economical resolution than traditional legal routes.

How are arbitration awards enforced?

A petition needs to be submitted to formalize an arbitration award. Ensberg Law Group oversees this task by verifying the accurate submission of essential documents, such as the award and arbitration agreement, to the court for acknowledgment or confirmation.

Business Partner Disputes

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest can include prioritizing personal gain over the business’s interests, leading to a breach of trust. Legally, addressing these issues involves disclosure and recusal. Our legal team’s dedication to integrity and business stability ensures that we reach fair resolutions for our clients.

Misappropriation of Funds or Business Assets

The misappropriation of company funds or assets occurs when a partner redirects business resources for personal benefit. Carrying out this prohibited conduct may trigger legal repercussions such as court cases, asset recovery processes, and potential criminal indictments, calling for thorough legal scrutiny and representation.

Allegations of Fraud

Both parties must seek legal aid when fraud is alleged to protect their interests. Accusations might emerge from discrepancies in financial accounts, dishonest behavior, breaches of trust, or unrelated concerns. Attorneys provide assistance in proving innocence or substantiating claims with thorough documentation and legal procedures.

Divorce or Death

Legal conflicts between business partners may emerge after divorce or partner death, triggered by sudden changes in ownership rights, managerial powers, or financial conditions. Skilled legal counsel is essential for managing sensitive matters such as asset division, succession planning, and the sustained operation of the business. It’s prudent to seek legal counsel to ensure fairness and clarity in navigating complex legal issues, especially during emotionally charged situations.

Disagreements Over the Future of the Business

In a business partnership, disagreements about the future trajectory of the company can lead to legal disputes. Finding a resolution might entail engaging in mediation or arbitration proceedings. Lack of agreement could spark further discussion regarding business buyout, dissolution, or restructuring.

Co-Owner Disputes

The legal intricacies of co-owner disputes, such as those concerning property management, profit allocation, or decision-making authority, can be challenging. Successfully handling these intricacies necessitates the expertise of a proficient business lawyer to safeguard the interests of all co-owners, achieve equitable outcomes, maintain seamless operations, and prevent prolonged disputes.

Succession Issues Related to Departure

Succession issues frequently involve deciding how an individual’s stake in their company will be transferred or managed after they leave. Issues can arise when there are conflicting views on assessment, ownership rights, and managerial roles, underscoring the importance of a competent business attorney in La Habra for efficient resolutions.

Removal of a Partner

The process of removing a partner from a business necessitates careful attention to various legal matters. Adequate legal counsel is essential for both parties to handle matters like breach of fiduciary duty, misconduct allegations, and financial disputes effectively. The resolution might involve mediation, arbitration, or litigation to allow for a just and lawful removal in accordance with partnership agreements and relevant legal regulations.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

When a partner fails to prioritize the partnership’s best interest, it constitutes a breach of fiduciary duty. Examples include misappropriation of funds, failure to disclose vital business information, and conflicts of interest. Handling these cases is tricky because personal and professional relationships can be interconnected. Legal assistance is indispensable for asset protection and the fair resolution of disputes.

Business Entity Formation

Drafting Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation are key documents that legally authorize the existence of a corporation. Filed with the Secretary of State’s office, these papers outline essential information such as the company’s name, its mission, the composition of the board of directors, and the initial share allocation. These filings are key to obtaining legal recognition and safeguarding the corporation.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Shareholder agreements define rights and responsibilities of shareholders, while partnership agreements outline terms between partners. Familiarity with these agreements is pivotal for successful business incorporation, and our firm is equipped to provide legal expertise and support.

Operating Agreements

LLCs rely on well-crafted operating agreements for smooth operations. They outline ownership rights, managerial roles, and operational guidelines in detail. Familiarize yourself with these agreements to establish clear roles and responsibilities when incorporating a new business. Ensure legal compliance and safeguard your rights by entrusting Ensberg Law Group to create and assess these agreements.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts formalize the understanding between employers and their hired personnel. Precise employment contracts are vital for the organization, the employer, and the hirees. With your business formation attorney’s legal prowess, employment contracts are meticulously drafted and reviewed to uphold compliance and protect all individuals.


Bylaws are internal policies that outline how a corporation conducts its affairs, addressing matters such as shareholder meetings, board functions, and decision-making mechanisms. New entrepreneurs must comprehend bylaws for regulatory conformity and operational efficiency, and engaging a business formation lawyer can aid in formulating and implementing them properly.

Choosing an Entity Type

The decision regarding a business entity involves evaluating possibilities like sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC, each with its own tax, liability, and management consequences. Lean on your La Habra business attorney to lead you through this essential decision, furnishing valuable perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative customized to your specific needs and business objectives.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

LLPs blend aspects of partnerships and corporations, granting partners limited liability protection. The benefits of LLPs for business owners include liability protection and tax flexibility, but they may encounter challenges like administrative requirements and potential liability for certain partners.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

As a business model, an LLC safeguards owners with limited liability protection and pass-through taxation. Owners may select LLCs for their liability protection and adaptable management, but they should also be mindful of potential drawbacks like administrative demands and costs.

General Partnerships (GP)

General partnerships represent a collaborative business model in which multiple individuals hold equal ownership, share responsibilities, earnings, and liabilities, unless stated otherwise in a partnership agreement. Partners invest capital, knowledge, and labor.

Registering Your Company Name

Ensuring your business name’s availability and legal compliance requires thorough research before registration. Take into account trademarks, check domain availability, and adhere to local regulations. The registration procedure includes selecting a one-of-a-kind name, checking its availability, registering correctly, and consulting with Ensberg Law Group for legal compliance and protection.

Drafting Business Partner Agreements

The significance of business partner agreements cannot be overstated, as they lay down explicit conditions and safeguards. We specialize in developing agreements that prioritize the interests of both partners, guaranteeing a sturdy foundation and smooth launch for your business endeavor.

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