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Whittier Eviction Attorney

Glendora Unlawful Detainer Lawyer Stephen Ensberg

Glendora eviction lawyers and unlawful detainer attorneys at Ensberg Law Group provide reliable representation for landlords and tenants of both residential and commercial properties in Glendora, Los Angeles County, and Southern California.

Whether you are initiating an eviction or defending against one, our team of skilled Glendora unlawful detainer attorneys provide intelligent legal counsel. We strive to provide efficient, cost effective services.

When an individual or commercial enterprise fails to comply with the terms of a lease, our tenacious Glendora eviction attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to successfully guide the landlord and gain a resolution.

Tenants who are facing possible eviction can find strong legal counsel from our professional team. Please contact our office to arrange for a confidential consultation. We fight to protect client rights.

Our law firm offers reliable legal representation in multiple areas of real estate and business law.

Glendora Unlawful Detainer LawyerGlendora Eviction Attorney Steven Ensberg

When a tenant-landlord conflict develops, the need for legal intervention often arises. Ensberg Law Group maintains a team of attorneys with more than 30 years’ experience protecting client interests in such matters.

In the state of California, evictions proceed strictly according to schedule. Successful evictions must include certain steps taken in a specific order. The Glendora eviction lawyers at our firm make reaching the client’s goals a priority. Therefore, we work diligently to ensure the eviction proceeds as required.

Reliable Counsel for Tenants in Glendora, California

The Glendora eviction lawyers and unlawful detainer defense attorneys at Ensberg Law Group fight to preserve tenant rights when eviction is being threatened. If a landlord violates the terms of the lease or the rights of the tenants, our team of landlord tenant attorneys can provide sound counsel and guidance. Please call our office to discuss how we can defend you in an eviction matter.

Our eviction defense attorneys and unlawful detainer defense lawyers have acquired more than three decades’ experience in evictions and unlawful detainers. We advise all tenants to maintain a written record of any communication with the landlord for future reference. Such a record can be desirable if a legal situation arises, and may help to achieve a resolution in some disputes.

Is a landlord trying to complete a wrongful eviction against you? Our Glendora unlawful detainer lawyers are able to provide dependable legal representation and counsel. Our eviction defense lawyers fight for client rights and may be able to help you remain at the property for a longer period of time.

Representation for Glendora Landlords

Are you a property owner with a tenant you need to evict? If so, contact Glendora Attorney Stephen E. Ensberg and our team of eviction lawyers for skilled legal guidance. To ensure a successful and efficient eviction, it is best to consult with a qualified unlawful detainer attorney before starting the process. This is because landlords must complete multiple steps in a prescribed order.

In the event that an error is made during the eviction process, the property owner may be required to begin the eviction over again. If some information is missing or another type of error in paperwork is made, this can slow down the eviction and end up costing more. As experienced and dedicated Glendora eviction attorneys and eviction prosecution lawyers, we carefully guide clients through every step in order to ensure a successful and affordable eviction.

Our Glendora unlawful detainer attorneys and eviction prosecution attorneys are committed to assisting landlords in completing the process of eviction in a timely and efficient manner.

Call a Skilled Eviction Lawyer in Glendora

Because of our extensive experience with an array of business and real estate law matters, our Glendora unlawful detainer attorneys are able to help landlords and tenants resolve disputes efficiently.

Our team of unlawful detainer prosecution lawyers are serious about meeting client goals. We use our knowledge to identify and implement effective solutions for each case. If you are involved in a landlord tenant dispute anywhere in Los Angeles County or Southern California, please call our landlord tenant lawyers and unlawful detainer prosecution attorneys. Our eviction attorneys are ready to assist. Contact our eviction law firm today by calling (626) 813-3744 or by submitting a completed case evaluation form. After a careful review of your information, we will get in contact with you to schedule a confidential consultation regarding the landlord tenant issue at hand.


When driving from the area around Glendora City Hall to our law offices, please begin by going west on East Foothill Boulevard. Take a left at South Grand Avenue. Merge onto the 10 West. Exit at Sunset Avenue. At West Garvey Avenue, take a left and continue to 1609 W. Garvey Avenue.

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