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Quality Representation Backed by Over Thirty Years of Legal Experience

Covina Business Lawyer - Covina Real Estate Attorney

For over 30 years, The Law Offices of Covina Business and Real Estate Attorney Stephen E. Ensberg have provided superior legal representation to clients for both business and real estate. Our attorneys are proud to offer the personalized, quality representation of a boutique law firm, and, at the same time, deliver expert legal counsel at very affordable fees.


To schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled business and real estate attorneys, please call Ensberg Law Group at (626) 813-3744 today.

Covina Business Law Attorney Practice Areas

Business Formation When you decide to form a new business entity, call a business savvy attorney at the Covina law offices of Stephen E. Ensberg for legal representation. We can help you in selecting the right business venture based upon your objectives and goals.  We can also guide you in the legal formation and the drafting of required documents for the formation of your Partnership, Limited Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Companies, Incorporation or Subchapter Corporation. All pertinent documents related to the formation of your business will be drawn up, including business licensing forms, articles of incorporation, and partnership agreements.Covina Real Estate Lawyer and Covina Business Attorney Steven Ensberg

 Business ContractsHere at The Law Offices of Covina Business Attorney Stephen E. Ensberg, we will draft and review all business agreements on behalf of our clients, their businesses, and the individuals and vendors entering into said agreements. We will make certain that our clients understand both the obligations and duties agreed to in the contract by each party.

Business LitigationIf you find yourself or your company involved in business litigation, or sense that litigation is pending, call Covina Business Litigation Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group at 626-813-3744. Our clients are represented in many different types of business litigation cases, including fraud, unfair trade, disputes between business partners, the sale and/or purchase of a business, insurance disputes, violation of non-disclosure clauses, and tortious interference with existing or prospective business contracts. To schedule your consultation with one of our knowledgeable and highly trained business litigation attorneys, call us today at 626-813-3744.

Employee Disputes You need to stay compliant with employment law if you own a business and have employees. Our business attorneys can help you avoid the stress, hassle and litigation brought about by non-compliance.    

Covina Real Estate Attorney Services

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation Attorneys at The Law Offices of Stephen Ensberg have been helping their clients deal with the ups and downs of real estate transactions and litigation matters for over 30 years. We represent both buyers and sellers in an assortment of real estate issues, including escrow disputes, real estate fraud cases, homeowner’s association disputes, residential/commercial leases, commercial/residential sale/purchase agreements, insurance disputes, actions for failure to disclose, broker fraud, contractor issues, and construction defect matters. If you need an attorney to draft, review, or finalize a rental contract, sales agreement, need to quiet title, or if you are a party in a real estate law suit, call our office at 626-813-3744.

Mortgage / Foreclosure Law Ensberg Law Group represent both mortgage brokers and private property owners. With extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of mortgage and foreclosure law, including mortgage fraud, disputes between purchasers and lenders, mortgage defaults, mortgage agreement disputes, and judicial foreclosure, we are confident that we are the best to represent you.

Unlawful Detainers / EvictionsReal Estate Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group have represented both residential and commercial clients in Unlawful Detainer (eviction) actions for over 30 years. Call us at 626-813-3744 today if, as a landlord, you need help with filing an unlawful detainer to evict a tenant, or, as a tenant, if your landlord has started the eviction process against you and you need us to defend you.  

Estate Planning in Covina, California

Estate Planning At The Covina Ensberg Law Group, our  Estate Planning Services include giving advice on advanced health care directives, preparation of powers of attorney, trusts, wills, and the handling of your estate. Representation is also available for private parties in conservatorship hearings, probate actions, and estate/probate litigation.

Business and Real Estate Attorneys at The Covina Ensberg Law Group are driven by getting positive results. With our client’s help, we choose the most advantageous route to take in the development of a strategic plan that will ensure that our client’s legal obligations are always met.  

When you need to speak with a competent attorney about a Real Estate or Business Law case, please fill out the Case Evaluation Form. Call us at (626) 813-3744.

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