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An Outstanding and Personable Approach to Business Law

Business Arbitration

What is business arbitration?

Arbitration presents an alternative means for addressing disagreements between employees and their employers outside of court. It’s a neutral ground where an arbitrator or panel issues a conclusive ruling after considering both viewpoints, providing a swifter and often less expensive resolution than standard litigation.

How are arbitration awards enforced?

Filing a petition is necessary to make an arbitration award official. Ensberg Law Group aids in this process by verifying that all required paperwork, such as the award and arbitration agreement, is accurately presented to the court for recognition or endorsement.

Business Entity Formation

Choosing an Entity Type

Choosing a business structure involves assessing options such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC, each bringing unique tax, liability, and management considerations. Turn to your Covina business attorney to help you navigate this important decision, offering valuable insights into the benefits and drawbacks of each option based on your individual requirements and business aspirations.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

The structure of an LLC ensures owners benefit from limited liability protection and are subject to pass-through taxation. LLCs are chosen by owners for their liability protection and management flexibility, but they may also face challenges like administrative requirements and associated expenses.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

An LLP merges elements of partnerships and corporations, offering partners limited liability protection. Business owners choose LLPs for liability protection and tax flexibility, but potential hurdles include administrative requirements and possible liability for some partners.

General Partnerships (GP)

A general partnership is a collaborative business setup in which multiple individuals have equal ownership, responsibilities, profits, and liabilities, unless specified differently in a partnership agreement. Each partner adds capital, skills, and sweat equity.

Registering Your Company Name

Before you register your business name, it’s crucial to do thorough research to ensure it’s available and meets legal requirements. Take into account trademarks, check domain availability, and adhere to local regulations. Registration steps involve selecting a unique name, confirming availability, registering appropriately, and seeking legal counsel from Ensberg Law Group for compliance and protection.

Drafting Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation are pivotal documents that give legal recognition to a corporation’s existence. Sent to the Secretary of State’s office, these filings include critical information like the company’s name, its goals, the makeup of the board of directors, and the initial share configuration. These documents are important for acquiring legal recognition and protecting the corporation.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts detail the expectations and obligations of both employers and workers. A transparent employment contract is vital for the business, the company owner, and the hired personnel. Your business formation attorney is adept at formulating and assessing job agreements to ensure they adhere to legal standards and provide comprehensive protection.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Shareholder agreements detail shareholder roles and duties, contrasting with partnership agreements that establish terms for business partners. Grasping these agreements is indispensable for smooth business incorporation, and our firm is committed to offering legal assistance and expertise.


Bylaws are internal protocols dictating the operational procedures of a corporation, including items such as shareholder meetings, board responsibilities, and decision-making procedures. Acquainting new entrepreneurs with bylaws is crucial for ensuring adherence and operational efficiency, and collaborating with a business formation lawyer can assist in creating and implementing them correctly.

Operating Agreements

The creation of operating agreements is crucial for LLCs to thrive. They provide clear guidelines on ownership distribution, managerial obligations, and operational practices. Make sure you comprehend these agreements to set out roles and responsibilities clearly as you incorporate your new business. Lean on the expertise of Ensberg Law Group to craft and evaluate these agreements, guaranteeing adherence to legal standards and safeguarding your interests.

Drafting Business Partner Agreements

The significance of business partner agreements cannot be overstated, as they lay down explicit conditions and safeguards. Crafting customized agreements that prioritize both partners’ interests, we ensure a solid footing and seamless launch for your business venture.

Business Litigation

Contract Disputes

Addressing the complexities of contract disputes, such as breaches and unclear terms, necessitates the meticulous analysis and strategic direction of an experienced business attorney. Ensberg Law Group specializes in guiding clients through contract disputes to ensure clear resolutions and favorable outcomes. Our skilled attorneys are adept at negotiation, mediation, and litigation. We strive to safeguard our clients’ interests with positive results.

Breach of Contract

Navigating contract breach accusations or pursuing legal claims against others requires expert legal assistance. Contract breach cases entail intricate legal details that carry substantial implications for business operations, highlighting the critical need for capable legal representation. Count on our business dispute lawyer for comprehensive support, defense of your interests, and pursuit of your rights for a fair outcome.

Business Fraud

Business fraud involves the use of deceptive or dishonest tactics by entities or persons, constituting a severe wrongdoing that can incur legal consequences. Embezzlement, insider trading, and Ponzi schemes are a few examples of business fraud. Addressing these cases requires navigating through their complexities and considering the potential repercussions they may have on your company’s reputation and financial situation. Our expert attorneys are well-equipped to help you tackle these issues, protect your interests, and ensure legal accountability.

Employment Discrimination

Within an employment discrimination case, there are allegations of prejudiced treatment from an employer toward an employee based on attributes like race, age, or gender, covering topics such as harrassment, unfair pay, or wrongful termination. Managing these circumstances is complex, whether you’re an employee facing discrimination or a business implicated in such actions. Choose our proficient lawyers for vital advice, focused problem-solving, and a pursuit of fair resolutions benefiting everyone impacted.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Intellectual property infringement occurs when someone uses, reproduces, or distributes another person’s intellectual property without permission, including trade secrets, patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Demonstrating infringement typically necessitates legal assistance in gathering evidence, interpreting intricate laws, and maneuvering through legal proceedings to safeguard your intellectual property rights successfully.

Purchase or Sale of a Business

Effectively handling the purchase or sale of a business necessitates the guidance of a proficient lawyer to manage every legal aspect of the process. Let us guide you to protect your interests and navigate transactions smoothly while adhering to legal requirements.

Negligence Torts

Negligence torts refer to injuries resulting from someone’s failure to exercise reasonable care. Proving duty, breach, causation, and damages thoroughly is vital, but can be difficult in these cases. Choose your esteemed business attorney in Covina for essential legal counsel, comprehensive representation, and a fair outcome.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are contractual obligations that restrict individuals from engaging in activities (like starting a new business or working for a competitor) that could undermine their former employer’s interests for a certain period after leaving their job. Seeking legal advice is crucial to ensure the agreement’s validity and safeguard the rights of all parties involved.

Business Partner Disputes

Succession Issues Related to Departure

Succession issues frequently involve deciding how an individual’s stake in their company will be transferred or managed after they leave. Challenges can emerge due to divergent perspectives on valuation, rights of ownership, and managerial duties, stressing the value of having an experienced business attorney in Covina for successful resolutions.

Disagreements Over the Future of the Business

Disagreements regarding the business’s future direction can escalate into legal conflicts within business partnerships. Mediation or arbitration might be leveraged to achieve a resolution. In the absence of an agreement, options like business buyout, dissolution, or restructuring may come into play.

Removal of a Partner

There are numerous legal factors to take into account when removing a partner from your business. Legal advocacy is required by both sides to deal with matters such as breach of fiduciary duty, misconduct allegations, and financial disputes. The resolution might involve mediation, arbitration, or litigation to allow for a just and lawful removal in accordance with partnership agreements and relevant legal regulations.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A breach of fiduciary duty happens when a partner disregards their duty to prioritize the partnership’s well-being. Examples include failure to disclose vital business information, conflicts of interest, and misappropriation of funds. Navigating these cases is tricky due to the close integration of personal and business ties. Asset protection and fair dispute resolution require the expertise of a qualified legal representative.

Allegations of Fraud

Legal help is crucial for both parties involved in fraud allegations. Claims may be connected to discrepancies in financial documentation, deceptive actions, trust breaches, or separate issues. Legal counsel aids in establishing innocence or backing up claims with solid evidence and adherence to legal guidelines.

Co-Owner Disputes

Legal disputes among co-owners, particularly those involving property management, profit sharing, or decision-making authority, can be multifaceted. Navigating through these intricacies requires the help of a knowledgeable business lawyer to protect the interests of each co-owner, facilitate fair agreements, maintain operational efficiency, and minimize ongoing disputes.

Divorce or Death

The dissolution of marriage or the death of a partner can precipitate disputes among business partners, stemming from unexpected alterations in ownership structures, decision-making powers, or financial stability. Comprehensive legal guidance is necessary to navigate the complexities of asset division, succession planning, and maintaining business continuity. In situations filled with strong emotions and legal complexities, obtaining legal representation is a wise step to ensure fairness and clarity.

Misappropriation of Funds or Business Assets

Misappropriation of funds or business assets refers to a partner mishandling company resources for personal profit. This unlawful activity can lead to legal actions like lawsuits, asset recovery, and potential criminal charges, requiring thorough legal investigation and representation.

Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest can occur when personal motivations conflict with the company’s goals, resulting in a breach of trust. From a legal standpoint, these challenges are handled through disclosure and recusal. Our legal team ensures fair resolution by upholding integrity and protecting business stability throughout the process.

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