What Is General Civil Litigation?

General civil litigation is an umbrella term that refers to lawsuits that are tried in civil court. This includes matters related to business law. Many business disputes that cannot be resolved through mediation or arbitration end up being tried through civil litigation. Individuals and corporations involved in civil litigation, whether plaintiffs or defendants, can immeasurably benefit from the assistance of experienced litigation attorneys, as your opponent surely is.

Types of Civil Litigation Matters in Business

Business law is a very broad field, so there are many different types of business disputes that could end up in civil litigation. Some of these include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Warranty disputes
  • Employment law
  • Zoning disputes
  • Real estate law
  • Workers compensation
  • Consumer litigation
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Breaches of confidentiality
Of course, these are merely examples. Any business dispute that cannot be resolved between the parties directly involved in the matter has the potential to be litigated.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In civil matters, many disputes go through an alternative dispute resolution process. This is done in an effort to resolve the matter between the two parties prior to incurring the often significant expense of trial. Through alternative dispute resolution the parties seek to avoid the expense and unsurety of trial to resolve the dispute.

Experienced business attorneys can help companies successfully navigate the alternative dispute resolution process. Through successful mediation and arbitration, parties can reach a desired outcome that’s beneficial to them both and therefore, avoid a costly public trial.

The Civil Litigation Process

Despite these other methods to resolve the parties’ disputes, it is still not unusual end up in civil litigation. Usually, litigating business and real property disputes is complicated and it is imperative that you have an attorney that is experienced in litigation and trial practice. Our experienced attorneys will represent you throughout every stage of litigation, from inception of the case through the appellate process, if necessary.

Choosing a Civil Litigation Attorney

It’s important to choose your civil litigation lawyers wisely in order to have the very best representation possible. After all, your finances and your reputation are on the line. The experienced legal staff at Ensberg Law Group has represented thousands clients in West Covina and the surrounding areas in the civil litigation process. We’d be honored to represent you as well.
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