Interference With Contract

Interference With Contract

The success of a business depends in part on its ability to trust its employees, vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders. Official business contracts exist to maintain the integrity of these business relationships. Unfortunately, these documents aren’t always iron-clad, though. When contracts are compromised, it could spell trouble for the stability of the company. Luckily, there are laws in place to prevent malicious interference with contracts.

What Is Interference With Contract?

Interference with contract, also referred to as tortious interference, occurs when a third-party interferes with a formal contract between two individuals or corporations. For example, a competitor may entice a company’s employee to break contract and come work for them instead. Alternatively, someone may bribe an employee to divulge private company information. In both cases, tortious interference is at work.

Legal Recourse for Tortious Interference

Businesses who fall victim to tortious interference can seek recourse, however. An experienced business attorney can help you proof that the third party (called the tortfeaser) acted intentionally and knew about the contract he or she interfered with. In the case of a guilty verdict, the court can order the tortfeaser to provide financial remedy, or it may punish the tortfeaser with punitive fees.

The person who breached contract may also be held accountable, even if he or she was unfairly persuaded. A business lawyer experienced in contract law can help you determine whether there is a case for wrongdoing.

Legal Defense for Tortious Interference

Sometimes, businesses who suffer economic losses as a result of their own miscalculations or wrongdoing will look for someone else to blame. If you are being wrongly accused of tortious interference, a good business attorney can help clear your name and protect you from financial harm. Without adequate representation, you could be held accountable for the company’s economic losses and be forced to pay punitive damages.

How to Select Business Litigation Attorneys

When choosing a business attorney for your tortious interference case, it’s important to look at the lawyer’s case history. Usually, this type of civil litigation requires that the firm have prior experience with both contract law and tort law. Ensberg Law Group has successfully helped numerous clients with tortious interference cases, including those that go to trial. We have extensive knowledge of California tort law and can confidently represent your best interests in court if necessary. Give us a call; we’ll be happy to discuss the details of your case.

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