Buying and Selling

When you think of buying and selling, you may think of an arrangement between two parties: the buyer and the seller. In some cases, however, a third party is required—a lawyer who specializes in the buying and selling of businesses and property. For these large purchases (i.e. companies, real estate, commercial property, etc.), it’s wise to consult with a business attorney who can prepare the necessary legal documents for you.

Buying and Selling Businesses

There is a lot involved in the buying and selling of a business. When buying, for instance, you need to do your due diligence to research the value of the company as well as any pending legal matters involving the corporation. You’ll also want to negotiate the price in order to get the best value possible for your dollar.

On the other side of the transaction, sellers must get all of their financial accounts and documents in order prior to the sale. They will also want to participate in the negotiation process in order to earn the highest possible profit for the sale of their business. Moreover, there are legal documents and contracts to be drawn up. It’s too much for one person to handle in most cases, especially if you’re inexperienced with business law. It’s likely you’ll need the professional assistance of an experienced business attorney to help you navigate the process of buying or selling a business.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate is also a complex matter that requires the help of a real estate lawyer. Whether you’re buying or selling residential property or commercial property, the process is similar. A good real estate attorney can help you negotiate price and draw up contracts, for instance.

How to Choose the Best Business Lawyer or Real Estate Attorney for Buying and Selling

Experience matters when choosing a business or real estate lawyer. It’s advisable to look for a law firm that specializes in these complex matters and has at least a few years of experience with negotiating business and real estate transactions. The veteran business attorneys at Ensberg Law Group have decades of combined experience in this legal specialty and have helped numerous clients throughout Southern California with their large business and real estate sales and purchases. It would be our pleasure to assist you as well. Give us a call today to schedule your personal and private consultation.

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