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Ensberg Law Group is a distinguished firm in the Baldwin Park area, specializing in business and real estate law. Our experienced legal team covers a broad spectrum of concerns, from business formation, real estate transactions, estate planning, unlawful detainer and evictions, contracts, and litigation. We are proud to offer high-caliber legal services efficiently and affordably, with many cases resolved on the same day.

Our outstanding local reputation dates back to 1981, when we first established ourselves as a leading probate law firm with our unparalleled service. We highlight our dedication to excellence with our outstanding staff, selected for their honesty, knowledge, and reliability. Our office is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on weekdays, with flexible appointment options available in the early morning, evening, and on weekends. As a licensed and insured company, we’re here to assist you and always strive to find better ways to meet your specific needs. Book a consultation by calling (626) 813-3744 and experience our unmatched legal dedication!

An Outstanding and Personable Approach to Business Law

Business Entity Formation

Registering Your Company Name

It’s vital to perform diligent research before registering your business name to verify its availability and alignment with legal regulations. You’ll need to consider trademarks, domain availability, and local regulations. To register, choose an original name, check availability, register with authorities, and consult with Ensberg Law Group for legal guidance and protection.

Choosing an Entity Type

The selection of a business entity type necessitates contemplation of options such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC, each carrying distinct tax, liability, and management ramifications. Count on your Baldwin Park business attorney to assist you in navigating this significant decision, delivering valuable perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of each option in relation to your specific needs and professional aspirations.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Operating as a business entity, an LLC assures owners of limited liability protection and adopts pass-through taxation. LLCs are favored by owners for their liability protection and versatile management, but they do come with potential downsides like administrative requirements and associated costs.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

An LLP integrates partnership and corporate features, ensuring partners enjoy limited liability protection. Business owners opt for LLPs due to their liability protection and tax adaptability, but they may encounter challenges like administrative obligations and potential liability for specific partners.

General Partnerships (GP)

A general partnership is a collaborative business model that involves multiple individuals who share equal ownership, responsibilities, profits, and liabilities, unless stipulated otherwise in a partnership agreement. Each partner brings in capital, expertise, and labor.

Drafting Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation lay the groundwork for the official recognition of a corporation’s legal entity. Submitted to the State Secretary, these papers provide crucial details like the company’s name, its goals, the makeup of the board of directors, and the initial share configuration. These documents are indispensable for acquiring legal acknowledgment and ensuring the corporation’s protection.


Bylaws are internal guidelines that set forth the operational framework of a corporation, including topics like shareholder meetings, board duties, and decision-making processes. Grasping the concept of bylaws is essential for new entrepreneurs to guarantee adherence and operational efficiency, and enlisting the expertise of a business formation lawyer can assist in drawing up and executing them correctly.

Operating Agreements

Operating agreements are essential for LLCs. They provide clear guidelines on ownership distribution, managerial obligations, and operational practices. Gain insight into these agreements to establish precise roles and responsibilities during the incorporation of your new business. Count on Ensberg Law Group to create and assess these agreements, ensuring they meet legal requirements and protect your rights.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts establish the parameters of employment between companies and their staff. A well-defined contract benefits the company, its owner, and the hired staff. The legal services of your business formation attorney encompass crafting and assessing employment agreements to guarantee legal adherence and safeguard everyone involved.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Shareholder agreements address shareholder commitments and entitlements, while partnership agreements are designed to regulate business partner interactions. Grasping these agreements is vital when incorporating a business, and our firm is here to offer legal assistance and guidance every step of the way.

Drafting Business Partner Agreements

The importance of business partner agreements cannot be emphasized enough because they delineate clear terms and safeguards. We excel in tailoring agreements that protect the interests of both partners, guaranteeing a strong starting point and seamless beginning to your business endeavor.

Business Partner Disputes

Conflicts of Interest

Instances of conflict of interest occur when personal objectives conflict with the organization’s mission, leading to a breach of trust. Legally, these problems are managed through disclosure and recusal. Integrity and business stability form the foundation of our approach to securing fair resolutions in legal matters.

Disagreements Over the Future of the Business

Legal disputes within business partnerships can stem from differing ideas about the company’s future. Resolving these disputes often requires mediation or arbitration to reach a resolution. Lack of agreement could spark further discussion regarding business buyout, dissolution, or restructuring.

Succession Issues Related to Departure

Succession issues frequently revolve around determining the disposition of an individual’s stake in their company after they leave the organization. Problems could surface from differing viewpoints on valuation, ownership rights, and managerial responsibilities, underlining the importance of retaining a knowledgeable business attorney in Baldwin Park for resolving matters.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Breach of fiduciary duty occurs when a partner neglects their obligation to prioritize the partnership’s best interest. Examples include conflicts of interest, failure to disclose vital business information, and misappropriation of funds. Handling these cases is tricky because personal and professional relationships can be interconnected. Asset protection and equitable dispute resolution are attainable through legal representation.

Misappropriation of Funds or Business Assets

Misappropriation of funds or business assets arises when a partner utilizes company resources for personal gain. Engaging in this illegal activity may lead to legal ramifications like legal proceedings, asset recovery endeavors, and potential criminal charges, requiring comprehensive legal examination and representation.

Allegations of Fraud

Allegations of fraud call for legal representation for both parties. Claims may result from discrepancies in financial data, deceptive conduct, violations of trust, or unrelated incidents. Attorneys assist in proving innocence or providing strong evidence to support claims using legal strategies and protocols.

Removal of a Partner

There are various legal elements to contemplate when removing a partner from a business. Both sides must have legal representation to address issues such as breach of fiduciary duty, misconduct allegations, and financial disagreements effectively. Managing this may necessitate mediation, arbitration, or court processes to determine a fair and lawful removal based on partnership agreements and relevant legal provisions.

Co-Owner Disputes

Complex legal issues can arise in co-owner disputes related to property management, profit distribution, or decision-making authority. Managing these complexities adeptly involves seeking guidance from an experienced business lawyer to safeguard the interests of all co-owners, foster fair resolutions, ensure operational fluidity, and prevent persistent discord.

Divorce or Death

Legal conflicts between business partners may emerge after divorce or partner death, triggered by sudden changes in ownership rights, managerial powers, or financial conditions. Effective legal counsel is crucial for addressing sensitive issues related to asset distribution, succession preparation, and ensuring the ongoing success of the business. When emotions are heightened and legal complexities arise, securing legal representation is a wise decision for ensuring fairness and clarity.

Business Litigation

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes often involve complex issues like breach of terms, ambiguous clauses, and enforcement issues, presenting distinct challenges that require meticulous analysis and strategic planning from a seasoned business attorney to navigate successfully. At Ensberg Law Group, we provide expert guidance to clients facing contract disputes, ensuring clear resolutions and positive outcomes. Our seasoned attorneys are proficient in negotiation, mediation, and litigation. We strive to safeguard our clients’ interests with positive results.

Purchase or Sale of a Business

Ensuring legal compliance and smooth transactions in business acquisitions or sales demands the expertise of a skilled lawyer. Our team provides specialized assistance to protect your interests and ensure the legality and smoothness of transactions.

Negligence Torts

Negligence torts involve harm caused by someone’s failure to exercise reasonable care. The complexity of these cases stems from the necessity to establish duty, breach, causation, and damages. Collaborate with your respected business attorney in Baldwin Park to receive crucial legal support, much-needed representation, and proper justice.

Employment Discrimination

In an employment discrimination case, an individual alleges mistreatment by an employer due to factors such as age, gender, or race, involving matters like harassment, unfair compensation, or wrongful termination. Handling these cases presents hurdles, whether you’re an employee encountering unfair treatment or a business accused of engaging in it. Count on our capable lawyers for vital advice, focused problem-solving, and a pursuit of fair resolutions for all parties.

Intellectual Property Infringement

The unauthorized use, distribution, or reproduction of another individual’s intellectual property, such as trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or patents constitutes intellectual property infringement. The process of proving infringement often demands legal support to collect evidence, decipher convoluted laws, navigate legal procedures, and secure the protection of your intellectual property rights.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are contracts that prevent individuals from pursuing opportunities with competitors or starting competing businesses for a defined period after parting ways with their current employer. It’s imperative to have legal support to verify the agreement’s validity and uphold the rights of each party involved.

Business Fraud

Business fraud refers to the use of deceptive or fraudulent strategies by entities or individuals. It is a serious offense that can lead to legal action. Embezzlement, insider trading, and Ponzi schemes are a few examples of business fraud. The challenges posed by these cases stem from their complexity and the potential impact they can have on your company’s reputation and financial health. Rely on our knowledgeable attorneys to assist you in addressing these matters, safeguarding your interests, and ensuring legal compliance.

Breach of Contract

Facing a breach of contract accusation or pursuing a claim against someone else requires expert legal assistance. Legal challenges stemming from contract breaches have intricate nuances and can disrupt business operations, underscoring the need for proficient legal counsel. Your business dispute lawyer is committed to providing comprehensive support, safeguarding your interests, and pursuing your rights for a just resolution.

Business Arbitration

What is business arbitration?

Arbitration serves as an out-of-court method for resolving disagreements between employees and employers. It’s an unbiased setting where an arbitrator or panel issues a binding verdict after considering both sides, resulting in a speedier and often more economical resolution than traditional legal routes.

How are arbitration awards enforced?

Making an arbitration award official involves filing a petition. Ensberg Law Group oversees this task by verifying the accurate submission of essential documents, such as the award and arbitration agreement, to the court for acknowledgment or confirmation.

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