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Employer / Employee Matters

Welcome to the West Covina Law Offices of Employer / Employee Attorney Stephen E. Ensberg. Our dedicated lawyers strive to focus on achieving the best results possible on behalf of our clients. Focusing on employer compliance with State and Federal Laws, we work to ensure that our business clients are aware of their duties and obligations with respect to how they approach the employer / employee relationship.

Contact Ensberg Law Group at (626) 813-3744 to schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable attorneys deliver the quality work of a boutique law firm while providing the benefits of more varied areas of practice.  We are located in West Covina and represent parties throughout the region.

Our attorneys can advise employers as to the requirements for them to observe both California and Federal Law in regards to various matters in the workplace, including benefits, family leave, discrimination, termination of employment and severance agreements. We also provide representation, advice and assistance to our business clients regarding:

     • Drafting Employment Agreements

     • Employment Contract Formation

     • Compliance with State & Federal Law

Failure to comply with State and Federal Statutes and case law can result in costly fines and litigation. We focus on the needs of our clients, and always act in their best interests to ensure that our business clients do not inadvertently make extremely costly errors with respect to the workplace environment.

If you own a business, contact West Covina Employee Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group. Our lawyers can help prevent you from mismanaging employment and work activities in the marketplace.

Being results-oriented, our clients and their needs are always the primary focus for our lawyers. Working with the client, our talented legal team of Employer / Employee Compliance Attorneys and Dispute Lawyers develops an ethical, cost-effective plan of action to best meet their needs. At the Ensberg Law Group, our tenacious lawyers go to work and persevere until those needs are met. Every client, every time.

West Covina Employer / Employee Compliance Lawyers and Dispute Attorneys at Ensberg Law Group make every effort to meet with the clients at the client’s convenience. Our attorneys stand ready to carry out client directions promptly, and keep clients regularly informed of our progress. With over 30 years of legal practice and experience, Ensberg Law Group can readily determine how best to execute client objectives. It is this single-minded focus on the best interests of our clients and their objectives that drives us to obtain the successful results in all legal matters that we undertake.



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